Pundersons Gardens Films develops interesting, immersive documentaries, and independent feature films. In 2013 we released our first feature film Sommarstället (Summer House), a relationship drama with funny undertones set within a distinctly Scandinavian, communal setting. A meditation on the nature of love and relationships and the narcissistic abandon of the modern twenty- and thirty-something, Summer House is about the hedonism of youth and the messiness of modern life.

Currently in development is ‘Flight Mode’ a contemporary romantic drama about living in a long distance relationship with children involved, an english language drama set between Sweden, UK and Spain shooting in spring 2015.

The documentaries specialises in the point where arts meet human-interest storytelling. We shepherd in high-quality films from the very beginnings of the production process through final cut. With an emphasis on refined aesthetics and cohesive, unique narrative, we always aim to produce world-class film for a sophisticated international audience.

Currently on the slate, in co-production with the BBC is The R&B Feeling, a feature-documentary about the eccentric artist Bob Parks: his outrageous performances, his fall from grace, his complex relationships, his fight for recognition and the tragedy that goes on to remake his career. Also on the slate is Drowned City, a documentary about the illegal pirate radio scene in London.

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