First written in 1930, Cocteau’s one-woman monodrama La Voix Humaine, sought to explore the dramatic and social potential of the telephone, at that time a new technology. In 2017, though the handsets have changed, our essential relationship with the phone remains the same. A telephone conversation can be simultaneously intimate and alienating, very remote and very nearby. An unsettling incursion into our intimate lives

In this adaptation and translation of Cocteau’s original script, The Woman (Rosamund Pike), having awoken from a failed suicide attempt, takes a final phone call from her lover of five years. He has left her for another woman, and they are settling their affairs: negotiating the return of clothing and personal items, saying their goodbyes. But somewhere in amongst these negotiations, lies are told, truths are discovered, and the essential covenants of the relationship are finally and permanently broken.

This raw exploration of grief provides us with a platform for truly honest performance: one that explores the psychology of the end of a love affair by telling the story of both mental and physical anguish; of a woman whose horizons are foreshortened to the walls around her and to the voice at the end of the line. The Human Voice is a headlong look at the pain of love at a time when the more fashionable response might be considered coolness or defiance.

Written & Directed by Patrick Kennedy

Producers: Tom Viney & Tarquin Glass

Executive Producers: Kate McCreery & Richard Mansell

Director of Photography: Seamus McGarvey ASC, BSC

M2M: Susan Hoostein, Giselle Rodriguez & Holly Siegel

Production Designer: Max Bellhouse

Editor: Tommaso Gallone

Supervising Editor: Valerio Bonelli

1st Assistant Director: Hayley Williams

Costume Designer: Natalie Humphries

Hair & Makeup Designer: Wakana Yoshihara

Personal Hair & Makeup Artist to Ms Pike: Chiara Ugolini

Composer: Adam Crystal

Supervising Sound Editor: Daniel Jaramillo G.

Sound Designer: Gunnar Óskarsson

Focus Puller: Paul Wheedon

Clapper Loader: Ruy de Carvalho

Grip: Gary Hutchings

Gaffer: Maarten Alexander

Spark: Jonno Potter

Sound Recordist: Marco Toca & David Crane

Playback: Richard Hill

Digital Imaging Technician: Joe Steel

Script Supervisor: Susanna Lenton

Location Manager: Heron White

Standby Art Director: Chloe Taylor

Art Director: Alexandra Leavey

Set Dresser: Patience Harding

Set Decorator: Elise Abdy Collins

On Set Carpenter: Harry Scott

Standby Costume: Micka Agosta

Polaroid Photographer: Leigh Johnson

Nudus Amans: Nick Chapman

Portrait of Ms Pike courtesy of: Mary McCartney

Assistant to the Director: Charlotte Goldney

Production Assistants: Hector Macpherson, Federico Barni & Ivo Garland

Lead Animal Trainer: Vivien Deakin

Animal Trainer: Georgie Kuhl

Colourist: Adam Glassman

Location Sound Recording and Audio Post Production by: SoundNode Ltd.

ADR Recorded at: SoundNode

ADR Recorded by: Daniel Jaramillo G.

Dubbing Studio: Goldcrest Post Production

Dubbing Mixer: Daniel Jaramillo G.

Foley Studio: Clap Studios

Foley Artists: Felo Valencia & Daniel Giraldo

Foley Coordinators: Laura Alvarez & Daniel Vasquez

Sound Effects Editor: David Crane, Marco Toca & Martin Schulz

Assistant Sound Effects Editor: Florin Ilie

Titles: Hannah Meri Williams


Rosamund Pike